Get Fit in the Office: Office Exercise Equipment

Here at Get the Milk, we were all geared up to give you another helping of great fitness tips that you can use during your work day. However, we were stopped in our tracks during research by the overwhelming amount of weird and wonderful exercise equipment at your office disposal. Take a look and maybe you’ll be filling out an office supplies request pretty soon to the confusion of HR.

Exercise Ball Chair


Desk Treadmill



Desk Elliptical 


Desk Stepper


Think any of these would catch on in your office? Or would you rather just leave this sort of thing to those cool, modern offices in NYC? Let us know in the comments below!


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Charlotte Willis

Charlotte is a video-game obsessed journalist and university student who has spent all of her part-time working life in offices to deplete that student debt (and for dresses and shoes, of course.)

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