Get Fit in the Office: Stop Wrist Pain when Typing

Having horrible wrist pain at the end of a long day typing away on your computer can feel like the worst thing, especially when you realise it could easily turn into something like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI. That’s why we at Get The Milk don’t think office fitness is just down to your weight or dietary habits – it’s also about your health. Read up on our great tips on how to alleviate and combat wrist pain.

  •  Take Frequent Breaks
One of the simplest methods is just not to be typing all day long. Take a break every hour to stop typing and elevate your wrist above the normal typing position to decrease any swelling or tension.


  • Sit Properly
Make sure your chair or desk is positioned at the right height so that your forearms are level with your elbows and your wrists should not rest on the keyboard in an arched or bent position.


  • Use an Ergonomic Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard allows for natural elevation of the wrists and makes typing and keeping your arms in an adequate position much easier – they are also fairly inexpensive.


  • Use a Wrist Support
There are several types of wrist support that can be used – many ergonomic keyboards have them integrated as well as many cheap mousemats however you could also use a wrist brace – easily obtainable at a chemist – that would provide much more support for worsening pain.


  • See a Doctor!
If it’s unbearable pain, go to your local GP immediately. They will be able to easily prescribe medication or therapy that will  alleviate your condition – especially as a frequent typer you have a higher risk of developing or already having RSI or Carpal Tunnel.



Let us know in the comments if these tips have helped make your wrist ache at work any better but always remember that if in doubt, always see a doctor!


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