The £5,000 Office Chair

Reading this right now, you’re probably in one of those uncomfortable blue office chairs that make you constantly fidget, trying to get a decent posture.

But what if, for a whopping £5,400, you could buy the office chair that claims to not only be good for your posture but make you happier?

The LimbIC is the brain child of Inno-Motion’s Dr Patrik Kunzler and is consists of carbon fibre cradles that create a feeling of weightlessness that not only makes you happier but also increases productivity and creativity as well as improving the posture.

Each chair is custom-made to fit the sitter so that it is secure yet comfortable. 

The chair is constantly moving however it doesn’t need a back as little to no effort is required by the sitter to keep balanced. The constant swaying and sliding of the seat and the sitter’s legs helps to alleviate health problems and lack of comfort that comes from sitting in the same position for too long. It also induces a feeling of weightlessness – which sounds fun enough for over 5 grand!

So, what do you think? Would you pay out this amount of money from the promise of the ‘ultimate’ chair for comfort and productivity? Or would you feel silly swaying around all day at your desk? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo Credit: inno-motion/Gizmag

Charlotte Willis

Charlotte is a video-game obsessed journalist and university student who has spent all of her part-time working life in offices to deplete that student debt (and for dresses and shoes, of course.)

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