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fruit flies fly sitting on orange fruit

Office Annoyances: How do you Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

  After following all our healthy eating tips the last couple of months, it’s horrible to find out that all that fresh fruit you brought into the office has become a maternity ward for festering fruit flies!   Keep those pests out of your office with Get the Milk’s favourite tips and tricks to keep […]

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Coffee Break: The Japanese Office Growing an Urban Farm

  Urban Farming in Tokyo from imageMILL on Vimeo.   It’s no suprise that Japan is on the cutting edge of most things. But after so many of the younger generation flocked to the cities and away from the countryside, it’s hard to believe that farming is on the country’s mind once again.   This […]

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Coffee Break: The Best Weird and Geeky Tea & Coffee Mugs for Everyone in the Office

Coffee Break: The Best Weird and Geeky Tea & Coffee Mugs for Everyone in the Office

Every office worker enjoys their coffee a different way – espresso, latte, cappuccino… But every office worker also enjoys their coffee in a certain mug. Take a look as we’ve rounded up a different mug for each of those quirky characters (read: annoying colleagues) in your office from the awesome folks at Firebox!   The […]

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Office Annoyances: Worst Work Jargon

  Let me just touch base¬†with you all for a moment. Management speak is one of the most sanity-zapping elements in the workplace and it can be found everywhere from meeting rooms to emails much to the dismay of those of you who agree with us that these phrases aren’t big and certainly aren’t clever. […]

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safety first sign

Coffee Break: Retro & Vintage Office Safety Videos

  There’s nothing that elicits more groans upon starting a new office job than the eventual hour-long watch of the health and safety video. It’s always outdated by several decades and just reiterates everything you already know! But we’ve gone through the archives (and the parodies) and dug up the vintage videos that are so […]

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Office Annoyances: Kitchen Etiquette

  Knowing you can save money by bringing your own food to work because your new job provides an office kitchen is always great. But it all starts to go downhill when you arrive at 9am with your little tupperware and can’t fit it in the fridge because it’s full of last week’s mouldy lunches. […]

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smelly feet sign

Office Annoyances: What’s the Smelliest Foods you Can Eat at Work?

  There’s nothing worse than sitting at your desk, getting on with the stack of work that’s just been plonked on your lap, then for someone to open up their lunchbox to unleash the horrific scents that lie within! Despite how good certain foods might smell to you, when they’re lingering around an office full […]

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food smile

Get Fit in the Office: How to Be Happy at Work [Part 2]

I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know how else you can get happier at work, right? Right?! Well, we’re going to tell you anyway, so you better be ready to smile…   1. Lists! Make a schedule, a list, a to-do – whatever you prefer – that’ll get you in gear for the day. […]

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Get Fit in the Office: How to Be Happy at Work [Part 1]

Doom and gloom always strikes on a Monday morning but here’s our tips on how to get out of the slump:   1. Wake up Early! There’s nothing worse than JUST making it to work on time and being flustered (and sometimes not wearing matching shoes!) It just sets you up for a bad day, […]

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happy work infographic spokl

Get Fit in the Office: Are you Happy at Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes work is draining even for the best of us and next week we’ll be telling you some of the best ways to combat those office blues. But for now, take a gander at this work happiness infographic made by the awesome Spokl¬†- hopefully this’ll take your mind off things for a few minutes!   […]

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